Ways to Wear Reading Glasses for Women

Based on scientific studies, the risk for women to develop eye problems is much earlier compared to men. So it’s not a surprise to see many women rely or to be totally dependent on corrective or reading glasses. Conventional reading glasses were not that stylish. But as fashion tastes evolved, the ones manufactured and sold today now feature glamorous and elegant designs and styles. Here are some of the ideal ways on how to wear reading glasses for women.

1. Wear your reading glasses in a classic and simple style

If you want a simple yet beautiful look while wearing your reading glasses, you could go for the classic glasses with shape and style fit for your face contour.

Makeup tip: Blush-on is the simplest and considered the best friend of eyeglasses. Whatever type of glasses you are wearing, put this makeup on to always look fresh and beautiful.

reading glasses 10

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2. Wear your reading glasses in tortoise

You don’t really have much options when it comes to reading glasses except when it comes to the design of the frames. Instead of a bare, doll plastic, why not style your eyes with tortoise.

Makeup tip: Make your lips standout. Use pop-on colors like red, light pink, etc.

reading glasses 20

Image Source: Firmoo.com – CLICK TO BUY

3. Wear your reading glasses in a solid and thick frames

If you want a strong aura for your reading glasses, opt for the thick frames with solid or bold colors.

Makeup tip: The thicker your frames are, the thicker you should draw your eyeliner to ensure balance.

reading glasses 3

Image source: Babble.com

4. Wear your reading glasses in half frames

For a smart and professional look you can wear at school, at work, or special events, you can wear your glasses in clear lenses and half frames.

Makeup tip: Style and make your eyebrows look great. When wearing glasses, the eyebrows receive added attention.

reading glasses 40

Image Source: Firmoo.com – CLICK TO BUY

5. Wear them black and bold

If you are uncertain, black frames will never fail you.

Makeup tip: Try to make the area under your eyes standout. You can use a shiny, glittery, or shimmery highlighter.

reading glasses 50

Image Source: Frmheadtotoe.com – CLICK TO BUY

6. Wear them in cat eye frames

If you really want to be unique and stand out, wear reading glasses in unique and eye-catching frames like the cat’s eye shape.

Makeup tip: Eyelash curlers can help open up your eyes especially if the reading glasses have that shrinking effect.

reading glasses 7

Image source: Easyglassesstore.com

7. Wear a sun reading glasses

For eyeglass dependent women who needs to be in fashion under the sun, there are now specific sun reading glasses you could wear.

reading glasses 8

Image source: Google.com


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